it's time to get excited about your #BUFuture!

Postgraduate study for at BU is going to be an incredible journey, and we can't wait to start it with you in September.

To help you get ready and excited about joining us, some of our students and graduates have shared useful tips and advice ahead of you starting your next chapter with us.

Read on to discover more!

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Our students are taking over!

BU students will also be taking over our Instagram and TikTok channels over the next few months.

They'll help you get to know why Bournemouth and the local area is a great place to live and study. They will also share their advice on preparing for your Master's and hopefully inspire you with tips on making the most of your time at BU.

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Preparing for your arrival

Aerial shot of Bournemouth

Hem shares his arrival story

Current student Hem travelled many hours from India to get to Bournemouth. With the help of BU’s Transitions Team, he had all the support he needed organised and waiting for him as he arrived.

"Bournemouth University's travel team were there for me for even the smallest doubts that I had. They helped me a lot and they were in touch with me through emails during my immigration process."
Hem from India
Current international student Hem, on his placement year in Bath.  Hem is working Apetito UK as IT Insights and Monitoring Analyst on a year's placement.

Current international student Hem, on his placement year in Bath.  Hem is working Apetito UK as IT Insights and Monitoring Analyst on a year's placement. 

Current international student Hem, on his placement year in Bath.  Hem is working Apetito UK as IT Insights and Monitoring Analyst on a year's placement. 

A female international student sat by some flowers

Bringing your family

If you are hoping to bring your family to the UK for the duration of your studies, there are some important things to consider.

Read this blog from MSc Digital Health student Adebimpe who shares her story of how her family arrived in Bournemouth after she had settled into her accommodation and her studies.

Key skills for postgraduate success

Your Master’s will challenge you in new ways and during your time at BU you will gain important skills making you highly employable in today’s competitive international jobs market.

Hear from these BU students who explain the many different ways we'll help you gain experience in critical thinking, time management and academic writing. These key skills will help you stand out from the crowd, whether you wish to work in the UK after your studies, return to your home country or continue on your international journey.

A student perspective on developing skills for success

Life in Bournemouth

Five students walking around the BH2 complex in Bournemouth Town Centre

Let us show you around

Watch MA Advertising student Adedoyin's whistle stop tour of Bournemouth and learn how easy it is to travel between our campuses, accommodation sites, local shops and restaurants, and importantly, the beach!

Three postgraduates eating ice cream on the beach

Dorset is the 6th safest place to live in England and Wales!

The safety and well-being of our students will always be our highest priority. In her recent Instagram Reel and blog, postgraduate student Manya explains all the reasons why she feels safe as an international student living and studying in Bournemouth.

Manya provides information on student-led safety initiatives, Bournemouth's reassuring police presence, BU's welcoming community and much more.

"With its low crime rate, excellent transport links, friendly community, and proactive student support, Bournemouth is an excellent choice for students seeking a high-quality education and a great student experience."
MA Advertising student Manya

Planning your finances

Two students chatting in Bournemouth gardens

Madhumitha shares her favourite places to eat in Bournemouth

Managing your finances is a key skill for all international students that, given the increasing cost of living, is now more important than ever.

In her blog, Social Work student Hannah explains her top tips on saving as a student, including travel discounts around Bournemouth and Poole, and great ways to save money on food both at home and when dining out.

BU Accounting student Melly explains how she manages her budget and her time, balancing studying, socialising and working part time.

She explains the importance of not over-committing yourself, how useful it can be to document your expenditure, and shares some examples of some things you may need to spend money on during your postgraduate studies.

Watch Melly's vlog 'Budgeting and managing a part-time job'

We are here for you

BU and your Students’ Union SUBU are working closely together to provide comprehensive assistance to help with the increasing cost of living.

Discover the range of support we're providing in these TikTok videos ➡️

Chike Dike, SUBU Vice-President Welfare & Community

Chike Dike, SUBU Vice-President Welfare & Community

Chike Dike, SUBU Vice-President Welfare & Community

Part 1 - Get to know how BU & SUBU are supporting students with the cost of living. Follow the link for Part 2!

Returning to your studies

A postgraduate international student in Fusion Building, holding a laptop and looking into the distance, with the domed roof in the background
Male student sat at a desk with a computer smiling

Whether you have had a break from studying or are starting your Master's straight after your undergraduate degree – returning to university is an exciting time.

Postgraduate Jaime had a 20-year gap in studying before embarking on his Master's at BU. He explains what worked for him as he settled back into university life.

“I don’t for a minute regret coming back to university – I think I’ll look back at it as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”
Jaime, BU graduate

Enjoy yourself

Three students enjoying making cakes together

The next 12-18 months will go by in a flash. Just as important as preparing for your studies and concentrating on them when September arrives, is finding time to enjoy yourself, socialise with friends and make meaningful connections to last a lifetime.

Hear from MA Post Production Editing student Madhumitha who shares her advice on getting the most from your time in lectures and outside of the classroom.

Watch Madhumitha's blog on 'How to actually enjoy studying'!

A few final thoughts...

Three postgraduate students chatting together outside at Talbot Campus

A wonderful place to live

Depending on where you are travelling from, living in the UK may be very different to the culture you are used to.

Linh from Vietnam explains how she immersed herself into her new home from home.

Madhumitha, who came to BU from India, explains the items she wished she had brought to the UK with her and the things she could have left at home.

Madhumitha's packing tips

Kyana's experience at a BU Virtual Postgraduate Open Day

Explore you study space

Virtual Postgraduate Open Days offer you a unique insight into what it’s like to study your course at BU. Hear from BU postgraduate Kyana, who explains how you can make the most of attending so that you can find out more about how your course is taught and the facilities you can access.

As well as the many wonderful places to explore outside our campuses, there are many places to enjoy on campus.

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We hope this information has provided a useful insight into what it will be like to study for a Master's degree at BU.

We look forward to hopefully seeing you in September!

“One thing that I will cherish about my time at BU is the friendship that I got here and the experience of meeting new people and learning new cultures, as well as sharing my own culture to other people. It's very diverse here, so our lectures and group work have input from different perspectives.”
Jonathan from Indonesia